Welcome to our little corner of the Internet! We are Mary Anne and Tom, a fun-loving couple with two fantastic children who are just enjoying their lives, their family and the world around them.

How We Met

We met after Tom moved into the same apartment building that I lived in during college. I had moved into the same apartment building a few years earlier when I got a job at the library. We had seen each other in passing when we were going down to the laundry room or when we were leaving, but neither of us spoke to each other until we ended up at the same get together thrown by a mutual friend. After a few drinks and some silly banter, he asked me out to dinner and I said yes. While neither one of us was quite sure about each other on that first date, more dates followed until it got to the point that we were spending all of our free time together.

After we had been dating for a few years, we went on vacation together to Paris, which was a delight for both of us! Especially since Tom proposed to me at dinner on our last night there. It was the perfect moment! Hopefully we are able to go back and visit Paris again one day!

We have been married for 12 years and are loving every minute of it.

Our Life Now

We feel so lucky to be married for so long and to have been through so much. We have two great kids, a dog named Kevin, jobs we enjoy and a house that we are proud of.